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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

End of the Road

I am sitting in the Sea Breeze Guesthouse in Corozal, having finished in just under a month the terrestrial portion of my Belize guide, driving with my friend Dave Narby (AKA Goldman) 1200-odd miles, north to south, east to west and back north again. I have trekked through the jungle on horseback, swum in the ocean, nearly seen a shark (others did), Punta Danced with several beautiful women during a 3-day festival of debauchery known as Garifuna Settlement Day, spoken to more hotel and resort owners that I can remember, gotten to see the affect that my work has had on at least two dozen good people's lives, seen a few wild animals (eaten a couple, must admit), walked through menacing streets, eaten cacao right off the tree, swum and danced again, written too damned little, learned a few phrases in Spanish and Creole, and held a friend's newborn baby in my arms. 

This happy collage tells some of the story, with other tales to come. But for now I have to pack up & leave the Sea Breeze for the airport flight to Ambergris, where I'll be based for the next month for the somewhat more sedentary island research portion of the guide. The Bak'tun is about to end, bringing with it transformation. Stay tuned!

*Some photos in this collage included with permission of Mz35

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