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Monday, November 19, 2012

Vertical Sex

What is Punta Dancing?

The editors of my first Belize book nixed the original description, which read
"Punta Dancing is Vertical Sex"

It's Sunday evening in Dangriga on the weekend of Garifuna Settlement Day, the biggest party in a nation where the party never ends. The music played all night last night, pausing sometime around eight AM, the drummers sleeping off the night and recharging for tonight, the highlight of the festival. In an hour or so I will head out to Punta Dance again.

I Punta Danced last night, achieving a long held goal, specifically to Punta Dance with a beautiful Garifuna woman - because you can't Punta Dance alone, for obvious reasons.

When I'd mentioned this to Goldman, he asked me if my goal fit the criteria that all goals should fit.
"Is this goal a) desirable,  b) achievable and c) believable." 
Among Goldman's many topics of endless Anthony Robbins-esque conversation is fulfillment of dreams and going after goals. Traveling with Goldman is like being on a train ride with half a dozen Ritalin-addled motivational speakers.  This is not the first time I've traveled alongside twisted, beautiful maniacs. The ride never ends and the train is on fire.

But back to the goal. I told Goldman that my goal was.
a) Desirable, because Garifuna women are some of the most beautiful in the world. 
b) Achievable, the streets of Dangriga, the center of Garifuna Culture, would explode with drumming and punta dancing for 72 hours. 
c) Believable, because someone would have a camera, and the sight of a short white travel writer wearing ninja shoes Punta dancing with beautiful Garifuna women would prove too tempting not to film.

As for the dancing itself, well, lets just say that a) a gentleman never tells, and b) someone somewhere will post the video on youtube, where it will no doubt be the next Gangnam Style.

In the meantime, read an article about Garifuna Culture and the significance of settlement day at an article published by the mother company (written by my Facebook friend Lebawit Girma, it's a small world after all...)

Off to dance and eat!

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