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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Walking in Erkan (full video)

Howdy Ho, Viewers & Viewettes. So in prepping the laptop for my upcoming trip to Belize (there will be film...oh yes, *cackle*) I'm going through my video archives and came across the full version of a film my friend Jeff Lazar and I made way back in 2007 (just after I'd finished my first Lonely Planet Guide, Taiwan 7th edition). I'd posted the shorter version of it years ago, and had sort of forgotten that the longer one even existed.

After watching it last night, I realized that my travel film making career started at a high point with this and only went downhill afterwards (with a brief uptick with my highly regarded YANSHUI FIREWORKS FILM at

So, dear reader. Because I am inspired. A promise.

First off, if you are interested in seeing a slice of Asian culture that hasn't been covered to death, you probably won't regret spending 16 minutes of your life Walking in Erkan with JSB.

And second: The upcoming Belize trip will generate more fine digital vignettes than the previous Malaysia gig, thanks in part to my traveling with my old comrade and new digital henchman Dave Narby, who has promised, nay, swore to acquire the needed skills to edit small films (and dodge small arms fire) in the next week in the name of the cause.

So yes. Without further adieu, the full version of Walking in Erkan with JSB.


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